**My Healthy Lifestyle: HUGE changes update, Diet, Exercise & Juicing**

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**My Healthy Lifestyle: HUGE changes update, Diet, Exercise & Juicing**Hey guys so i’ve been posting a lot lately on my instagram and facebook about my new ‘healthy lifestyle/weight loss’ initiative. It’s been about a month and a half, so I wanted to let you guys…


cameallyj says:

Thats pretty dope. I love your excitement about gettin it in the gym. Im
about that healthy life. 

Lashana Woodard says:

Girl! You just gave me the kick the booty that I needed! My little girl
just turned 2 and it’s time to kick my weight loss into high-gear! Thanks
for sharing!! 

NaturallyCurlyQ says:

Have you ever tried quinoa? Awesome with chicken! Thanks for sharing! I
need to do this on the real!!

MissCharmsie says:

You look amazing!! I’m so motivated now :D

Sunny Wideman says:

You look fabulous! Great video :)

Towanna R says:

you look great, i am working out also it home , i just had my baby Nov 16
,he is now 5 months , i am going to keep working out after i seen this
video , i want to be wearing a small size is will , i am on my way , thanks
for this uplifting video

marie smith says:

You bout to go broke lol! Hilarious! 

nahara franklin says:

any advice for eating healthy at school?

PrttyBrwnEyez13 says:

By the way, do you calorie count, or with the eating clean do you find it’s
not necessary? 

san alb says:

Have you tried a Zumba yet? 

54321peace says:

how tall are you?

zetagirl36 says:

You are freaking adorable lol! And you look great. Motivation….

Petra L says:

Nicole… U have motivated me 3333333333678945 percent .. Thanks babe

MsNikki0313 says:

My daughter just turned 3 months and I’ve been trying to get a exercise
routine down. It has been hard since this is my first child and trying to
juggle everything but you have motivated me big time

Tameka Teasley says:

Gurly you have really motivated me and I used to be a fitness trainer and
gotten really lazy …now I need to be back on my grind for real thanks
Gurly 🙂 

forevasweet1 says:

You go girl!!!

swhatley1226 says:

u look so healthy and fit! great job!!!!

TheBlessedmomof3 says:

Awesome work chica! You look GREAT! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good

atarver44 says:

Make sure you check out cabbage steaks… easy! Search pinterest! :)

MyMamasChild2 says:

Very inspiring story. How tall are you?

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