MY “GO TO JUICE / SMOOTHIE” & The Great Flaxseed Debacle of 2014..

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aTimeAsThis says:

NutriYum! Using green tea is great idea. I’ve heard good things about
oolong, but I can’t find any. Plus, oolong is fun to say.

Niqueena1 says:

Thanks for the flaxseed tip! I didn’t know about that. We add hemp hearts
and chia, but I want to incorporate flax as well. We were contemplating on
the nutra bullet or vitamix and went w/the latter. I love the vitamix, but
the smallness of the bullet (and that it has the milling attachment thing,
which I’ve never tried in the vitamix) seems tempting! Love these healthful
videos as I’m on a weightloss journey as well!

Karen O'Connor says:

Lol as Gillian McKeith (the nutritionist) has said a lot: “You don’t have
to LIKE it, you just have to EAT it!” :-)

Janet Cabrera says:

How many calories does this have? I want to share with you a recipe from my
daughter, it’s a salad and it’s very yummy, you have to used spinach, some
cherries tomatoes, she buy from Costco Energy Blend (this contains Edamame,
Cranberries, Almonds and Pumpkin kernels) she add olive oil, balsamic
vinegar and salt and pepper. This is a delicious salad and maybe you can do
a smoothie too. Have a great week.

I'm JustMe says:

Nutribullet rocks!

Kristin Gehm says:

Very interesting!! my smoothie maker thingy is about on it’s last legs…I
think I will get this one next! thanks for the video! Kristin

Deborah Sutherland says:

I had no idea there was two kinds of flax seed! mishaps? yes all the time
I am on the Chia seed band wagon myself~ and yes, flax does need to be
ground up for usage. I am SO interesting in that Nutribullet, can’t wait
for your video on it ; )
cause I know we don’t have to pay $600+ on a machine. Thanks for the
video, it’s Easter weekend and our last EAT DRINK and be MERRY and over
indulge with family and friends~ 

jillianrainee says:

The 0:58 mark…. guuuurl we are like peas in a pod!! Except that’s where I
would have given up and had cookies for breakfast. Ok just kidding, I have
a little more self control than that, but just barely. This is why I love
your videos. Seriously, why can’t we be friends in real life?! Haha love
you girl.

Maria Stafford says:

Love the green tea. I add water now. Also, I mix a tablespoon Of
pomegranate juice and apple cider viniger and chug that really quick in the
morning first thing. I really think it has helped curb my appetite. And
believe me, I have a very healthy appetite. Cheers

Shonagh Eldering says:

Thank you thank you sooooooo much!!! My daughter wants me to start drinking
smoothies, but I’d rather have advice on some instead of just following
recipes. Luv you sweetie, you make my day!!!!! xxxxoooo

eponine72 says:

Do you think a Ninja would work instead of the Nutri bullet? I’d hate to
have to buy yet another gadget.

It does look pretty nasty, but you have to think about what is in that and
the. Compare it to the crap inside a slim fast shake or a Egg McMuffin. 

eponine72 says:

Is it just me? Whenever I hear the word chia, I hear “Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia” in
my head. In the tune of the commercial chia seeds are known for. ;)

Bella and Ditsy says:

I just ordered the magic bullet I got 2 for one and a juicer attachment. So
good luck to this for you. And I al also jumping on this banns wagon. 

Marwa Elsahragty says:

Try to add 1/2 beet , it will give it fabulous color
Thanks for the video 

Beth Richmond says:

I’ll take your word on the yummy…it does look gross! Lol….I’m not sure
I could handle it!

30plussomemore says:
adoptingjoseph says:

This was like swatching with food. You were on point, girl. 

Eva Unlimited says:

RE green tea – it might make it easier for you and more convenient if you
used Matcha, which is a Japanese green tea in powder form. It doesn’t have
a taste or smell, but is chock full of all the necessary antioxidants, and
apparently it’s much more concentrated in nutrients than regular green tea
you buy in tea bags. Just add one or two tablespoons to your shake, it’s
Another thing I do is add buckwheat or spelt flakes, just a tablespoon or
so. Buckwheat is gluten free, and both are full of fibre and other
nutrients. They help to keep you full longer. I’ve never heard of anyone
over here using the Bullet, so I’ll be looking into it, it looks awesome.

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