My First Home Workout

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Jane Blackbourn says:

I love these videos, so helpful when you have limited space and time

Liam Slater says:

Any tips on how to motivate yourself when you really can’t be bothered but
know you need to workout and can’t focus. 

AwesomeHuman42 says:

I now remember why gym can be better than home… AIR CONDITIONING!!
Windows just aren’t cutting it here!

Chris Wiacek says:

This is gold. For anyone time/space crunched (pun intended), this is the
best!! Thanks for uploading! 

Gabriel Engelin says:

I just did this workout and my abs are burning! Now what’s left is to get
some protein, water and rest! Thank you guys and keep up the good work! 

Eric Espinoza says:

Wow. I finally found a video that can motivate me and get me back on track
with my workouts. Thank you guys so much. 

mynameismilllie says:

Great video! Just did this… could only do half of the moves!! Will keep
doing it until I can do the whole thing!

Aleisha Cheihk says:

you two are just so bloody motivating, I love it!! 

Amy Jack says:

Its nice to know even your dying doing this!

Manon Emmanuel says:

Did this throughout once and feel great! I’m a beginner but not totally
new, how many times do you recommend doing this workout?

Ivan Matić says:

Are you guys planning to do some correct posture exercises? It’s the most
common “problem” nowadays, bcs people are spending a lot of time in front
of the laptops/computers(including me) and as we growing older our back is
getting under a lot of pressure. So in order to avoid that we need some
Keep up with a good work, greetings from Croatia :)

Maik de Jong says:

Hey guys, i am a boy (13), who really wants a six-pack :3.. how? and is
this workout good for me? Or shall i be to hard 

Diana Paniagua says:

I think I saw some of these moves in 50 Shades of Grey, extraordinary!! Lol

Peter Joseph says:

I was searching for a video like this , thank you 

Isabel Mabrito says:

Wow! a bit too hard for me, but I’ll keep trying, I’m just starting, and
you are a very good motivation.
Hi from Spain!

Sophie Reardon says:

Going to try this tomorrow! You have motivated me to get in shape

Jake Cox says:

How many times a week would you recommend this? Should I wait until I’m not
sore anymore or not?

Valentin Linortner says:

Love watching your vids while eating pizza, keep up the good work

mkupvixen says:

Finally a good home work out. Thank you thank you…… excuses

TheLeanMachines says:

Your First Home Workout

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