My Beauty Juice Fast using NutriBullet – Ms Toi

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zucchinigreen says:

Great job Ms. Toi! I recently started taking spirulina supplements and I
either got the cold or got the healthy headache/fever because I experienced
detox like symptoms. Is that normal?

Thedollydevine says:

Great video. I think I may give juicing a try

Devy T says:

This looks awesome. Which MARTA stop is your farmer’s market located by? 

pickledshoe says:

😀 <3 I love your videos 

Poppy Davis says:

Isn’t fasting ment to be bad for you?

888Jermae says:

I have not fasted, but I do enjoy juicing. I like kale, apple, ginger,
cucumber, carrots and lemon. I might try fasting after I talk with my
doctor. Thank you so much for this video. Blessings.

Carmen Ortega says:

Thank you for posting. I was really considering buying a nutri bullet for
juicing but wasn’t sure if it would be a good buy for that use. This helped
me make up my mind. You’re great! Thanks again. 

TheRavenSecret says:

These fruit “cleanses” look great, but I’m curious: surely the detox side
effects such as fatigue and headaches are signs your body is giving you to
indicate that you are receiving improper nutrition, including a lack of
protein and too much sugar. Perhaps they imply overdose of sugar, thereby
providing the “sugarcrash”/fatigue. It doesn’t sound healthy really :-/ not
sure what to make of it

Skylar SmithenWesten says:

I fast but its for religious reasons. Lol you might think its weird but i
fast every ramadan, plus you dont know what ramadan is probably but its a
religious thing in do where i can only eat at night and then i have to
start fasting again at 6 in the morning. im only 11 and ive been fasting
since i was 7 haXD but i forgot i think we do it like every 2 years where
we have to fast for a month :P

Alina R. says:

Hey who films your videos??

SheAnatural B says:

I’ve been on this ‘fruit tea’ journey recently. I think it would be a great
addition to fasting.

Krystina Youmans says:

When you say “3 day fast” does that mean for 3 days straight you only have
your juice blend? No real meals or snacks in between juice? How many ounces
do you drink each time?

epiphany vasquez says:

This was perfect. I was just thinking of going on a fast. I have done them
before or done meal replacement using the juice. I am always amazing how
great you feel after and the weight loss that happens 

nishani3 says:

Thanks for sharing. I have the nutribullet pro and use it several times a
week. I just went to farmer’s market today and am set for a week or so. I
have not done a full on fast.I drink it 1x daily and have seen and felt
positive results. The nutriblast is something I look forward to. My
parents are hooked on it now too!

Divine Order says:

I need to start doing this! I drink smoothies every morning for breakfast,
but never thought about doing a fast for detoxing. Side note – get your
butt behind a steering wheel!lol But for real, I can appreciate the new
found benefits of taking public transportation, but if you stay away too
long it will become a mind thing : ( 

Love&Makeup says:

I started my juice feast/fast yesterday, having headaches, but I know that
is toxins leaving my body! Love your channel! Good health to you :)

luissy7 says:

Thank you Ms. Toi have a nice week!:)

Mary's Place says:

Oh also … I’ve been having trouble ingesting some of the essential oils-
I’ll talk to my rep. I’m wondering if they r too strong. I love them

Womaninbusiness says:

for me, it’s to get closer with the Lord. But I want to try other ways to
fast including juicing. Thanks for the info.

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