Mission Accepted!

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Mission Accepted!I,m done… I’m overweight and outta shape! Time to get healthy! Being healthy and in shape is an important part of prepping. This is just one of the things I’m doing to make it happen!


Prepper556 says:

Ahhhh, a prepper style energy drink! Thanks Pop!

PopPrepper says:

Good job brother, I make these also, just not exactly the same ingredients. For a nice jolt, throw some whole roasted coffee beans in there, Cheers

Prepper556 says:

Yep, I was gaining too much weight. I was drinking a 2 liter, and 4 or 5 20oz bottles a day… Way too many calories from all that fake sugar!

perbain says:

I’m with you fellow prepper. Soda huh? I drink it. Really makes a difference? I’ll give it a go. Thanks

Prepper556 says:

That’s Great! I hope I can do the same!

Prepper556 says:

Thanks Red!

ScrambledO says:

That is pretty much spot on my breakfast at least 3 times a week. same recipe and all! I never got any goji or flax, but i will def look into them! Good shit man keep it up!

Prepper556 says:

Thanks bro!  You can do it too!

Prepper556 says:

Yep! The High Fructose (GMO) Corn Syrup does a number on ya! The body doesn’t know how to process it, and turns it to fat (even though is made from corn… its still a man made sweetener!) Back in the day when soda was made with real sugar, your body would say it had to much after a while. It was unheard of most people drinking a 2 liter in one sitting… You can do that today no problem… I had to nip it in the bud, before I become a statistic!

dgrm76 says:

Why do ya have to have a banana or avacado? Is it the vitamins or something to do with the actual smoothie (you mentioned creaminess). This is something I have been beginning to work up the courage to do myself except I dont like bananas! Good job there takin charge and being healthier than most!

TheRedneckprepper says:

good luck bro

Prepper556 says:

It helps thicken it up (or in the case of an Avocado… make it creamier) so its not too watered down… that’s all. Most of the recipes that come with the Nutri Bullet call for one or the other, so I add it (banana) to my own concoctions… You can do it!

jeremydenholm says:

perbain, long time follower of yours, yes, soda is really really REALLY bad for you

Prepper556 says:

Yep, I agree! Thanks M0D0C!

Prepper556 says:

Thanks bro!

starlordish says:

im with you bro.Good luck

M0D0C42 says:

Good luck on your journey. I know you’ll make it! Nothing beats staying physically active, if you can.

Prepper556 says:

I knew there was a reason I liked you… lmao Just kidding! Thanks bro! (the Goji berries are the shiznik!)

Prepper556 says:

lmao! Thanks Papa!

Prepper556 says:

Thanks bro!

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