Mirror Moment: Join the Nutribullet 6 Week Challenge

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Mirror Moment: Join the Nutribullet 6 Week ChallengeI’m taking the “Changing The Man In The Mirror Challenge” to the next level by taking the nutribullet six week challenge. My first day will be Wednesday, Mar…


AshantiDfan4life says:

Good luck, GT! 🙂

David Seagal says:

I loved this video! Going to try the 6 week program!

MMCvlog says:

Go GT go! Best of luck! I think it’ll do wonders bc exercise alone is not enough to build a healthy lifestyle! 🙂

Gadget Trish says:

You are the best and thank you very much.

Gadget Trish says:

Thank you so much. 

Gadget Trish says:

Thanks, me eating healthier has been so much easier since I brought this. Hope to be summer ready this year.

Yolie BigDaddy Rivera says:

we love our machine!

Gadget Trish says:

Gracias por ver mis videos! Te lo agradesco!

Gadget Trish says:

Surprisingly I am really having a hard time getting off my butt to workout and have no excuses with a kinect around. Once I get my workouts on the level on my good eating, thing should fall in place. Congrats to you btw, you look so good! #inspired.

Dominique Wilson says:

Looking good sis!

Gadget Trish says:

Yes, we do. Btw do you have a favorite drink combo.

ooOOmickOOoo says:

you look great! stay healthy and strong 🙂

axlcrow1981 says:

Soy el segundo en ver tu video ¬¬’D \m/

Gadget Trish says:

I will need it. I am setting up my menu for the week this weekend.

DebbieJo Lederer says:

How is it going —I want to order one of these—if you do it 80 % of the time and eat food on weekends do you think it will still help lose weight? I don’t think I could commit 100% of the time. I do like eating lots of different foods at least once or twice a week.

Frederick Clark says:

Love your videos and just wanted to say you look amazing! Meow, lol!! 😀

KCEgei says:

Love ur enthusiasm, it’s very inspiring! Go-Girl-Go ;)!!!!

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