June 26,2014 What I ate as a Raw Till 4 Vegan

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June 26,2014 What I ate as a Raw Till 4 VeganHi everyone, I walk my dog about 3 times a day for about 15mins-45 mins, I also ride my bike about once maybe twice a week and I just really need help on thi…


redapplejuuice says:

for dinner have you hear of vegan tacos with rice guacamole etc. and have
your heard of the vegan burrito mdd with hummus and veggies and the pasta
w/veggies such as zucchini ,carrots,broccoli with a little bit of organic
canned tomatoes is also an easy dinner recipe. I think the think is with
this particular dinner is, it seems to have way too many carbs maybe try to
incorporate some more vegetables. 

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