Juicing & Weight Loss with the Nutribullet

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Juicing & Weight Loss with the NutribulletWeight loss and juicing with the nutribullet.


Paul W says:

I love juicing! I always start with apples and carrots as a base to add
to. I love celery and cucumber with it. Usually put in lemon juice and
Splenda. I lost a ton of weight by it. I love the documentary Fat, Sick,
and Nearly Dead. (all about juicing)

Our House says:

Randy, That is one helluva nice Smoothie blend! I see a lot of people
using Kale which is awesome rich in nutrients and vitamins! Iv’e yet to try
it but seeing you and Ben do it in your juicing i want to see how good it
is! I am surprised about the Raw apple cider vinegar! Where do you get it,
and wonder if i can get it here or possibly online? Carrot juicing is
awesome love the taste, i know when combining things the taste changes.so i
keep that in mind! I enjoyed your sharing and look forward to many more
videos..keep them coming my friend! blessings..Shay RIkki, Al xo

Ben Rai says:

That is a juicing combination I would love to make! Thanks for the video

Thanksman says:

Nice man

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