Juicing for Weight Loss | The #juice4five Challenge with Cookie Miller

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Juicing for Weight Loss | The #juice4five Challenge with Cookie MillerJoin me on my 5 day juice cleanse! Follow me on Instagram – for details on the challenge! Tweet Me!: Want to…


Rachel Skinner says:

Hey Cookie, you’re such an inspiration, I can’t tell you what you have done
for me!
I just have two questions:
Can you increase the 32oz juice if you feel hungrier? You said before that
you drink more if you feel you need to but do you make it up after or just
listen to your body?
Also does fruit count as solid food during this? Such as if I wanted to
have a banana as a snack, could I eat it or would I have to juice it or
avoid it ?
Thank you!!! 

Go4Raw says:

Awesome, I’m doing a 30 day detox on youtube now and just did a juice day!
So energising, raw food is fantastic in every way. Good luck with your
juice cleanse 🙂 Subscribed.

Adriana Alejandre says:

Hi, how long can you store your gallon of juice in the refrigerator? Will
the nutrients slowly disappear because its being stored in the cold for so

Adriana Alejandre says:

Also, did you workout during the 5 days you juiced? How intense were your
workouts? Sorry so many questions but I’m HIGHLY Interested in this
challenge although I’m about a day late :)

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