Juicing For Weight Loss Day 1

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Juicing For Weight Loss Day 1Ebony C is back! She is now on a new journey of juicing to lose weight, improve, health, hair and skin! She is using the Breville Juicer and Nutribullet to k…


Amber O says:

YAY!! So happy your back! Luv the twists and the stiletto nails. Good luck on your journey=)

Ebony C says:

Thank you mama, soooo happy to be back !!!

john sia says:

Hi, have you heard about Windy Fat Loss? (just google it) You will learn about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With “Windy Fat Loss”, you will discover how to lose fat quickly.

TVeeW86 says:

Omg I love your haaaair :) so happy youre back love 🙂

brook mineiro says:


AsliLife77 says:

Stay strong in your journey. I’m looking forward too re videos.

sywelch says:

Hi Ebony! If you need more accountability with your weightloss journey, there is a whole community of people here on YouTube dealing with weightloss that can help keep you motivated. I have a channel and I recommend checking out DivaSlimsDown. YOU CAN DO THIS! Let’s close the chapter on this book for good… I know this is it for me. Keep pushing b/c it will be hard but the more you push the closer you’ll be to your goal. LET’S GET IT, DIVA! Be blessed.

mohsin hassan says:

If you are looking to burn off your stubborn body fat, make sure to Google the term “Lexus Fat Blast”. You are certain to end up getting the beach body you want.

Malidu Wijesingha says:

It would be a shame for you not to shed pounds when these people do it so easily using Mimmu Fat Blast (Google it).

sharmila bohaju says:

Holla, have you experienced Aston Fat Furnace? (Go Google it) You will find out how to burn fat fast.

Ebony C says:

Thaaannnkkk you hunny 🙂 !

AsliLife77 says:

I wish you the best on your journey. I too have PCOS and deal with the same issues. I’ve recently purchased the Nutribullet too. I pray you stay strong and keep

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