How To Make You Own Whipped Cream in the Nutribullet (yes you can!!!)

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NaturalHair_GlutenFreeChica says:

Awwww yeah. I will be trying it this weekend. Whip cream is my weakness

Siutu Folaumahaina says:
Reyna D. says:

That was amazing, thx for the video! 

Birute00 says:

You just crack me up! You have so much fun when you make your videos!
Well this looks great and what a great idea to make your own in the
Nutribullet! Now off to make some and then place a dab on my strawberries
along with some nuttella. thanks for ideas!

nutribullettime says:
49ldavis says:

Wow that was quick!

Ivana Holt says:

That is awesome! I wonder if a non dairy version can be done since I’m
trying to be dairy free. Love whipped cream though. 

shawn rempel says:

that was awesome ! i always wonder about that. try adding some kind of
flavoring like chocolate or butterscotch . ooohhh ya! keep up the great
work !

Kevin Vaughn says:

Try making whipped coconut milk with stevia..would be healthier.

Roger161 says:

Gonna try that tomorrow !! Thx !!

T F says:

Hey man can the nutribullet make some brown sugar?

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