How to Make the Perfect Green Breakfast Smoothie (Nutri-bullet)

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How to Make the Perfect Green Breakfast Smoothie (Nutri-bullet)In this video I share my favourite breakfast smoothie recipe with you! When I drink one of these babies, I literally feel my energy level shoot through the roof, and staves off hungry well…


Dazlin Divaz says:

yeah I will but gonna have to substitute the watermelon… Yeah I’m over
watermelon ……

Lizhairlive says:

Hi +TashaTorch Have you ever tried spinach/callaloo in your smoothie? I
don’t mind Kale but it has a bitterish taste to me you probably don’t
notice because you have a good serving of sweet stuff in your smoothie. The
spinach I have found to be easier on my taste buds and it requires less
liquid in my experience. Oh yes and like Kale it has a lot of health
benefits! If you are up to it try it and let me know what you think:)
Thanks for the video

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