How to juice and extract Magic Bullet Nutribullet

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How to juice and extract Magic Bullet NutribulletTake juicing to another level by extracting with the Nutribullet! The is such an easy way to help you get the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables i…


Fappossible says:

I think your channel is being censored…one of my honest opinions with regards to helping you get more views got deleted

HereandNowtalk says:

I can definitely do that for you! Thank you for the feedback. Next one will be an employment video:)

Fappossible says:

anyway…what I had to say was if you are serious about getting more views and subs you need to show more boobs and cleavage…and learn from your sister…you’re welcome 🙂

kapamagicman says:

Haven’t made a video for agesssssss. Good video. Can u make more employment videos?

Kevin Nguyen says:

Nice video! :)

HereandNowtalk says:

Thanks Kevin!

HereandNowtalk says:

lol well thanks for subscribing. I guess I am just more conservative- to each their own:)

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