How I use my Nutribullet

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How I use my NutribulletThis is a video I made, because I was tagged by Shay to make. I am demonstrating how I use my Magic Bullet: Nurtibullet, and an example of a drink I make in it.


Our House says:

Hi Mark, Awesome video share..sure hope you make more?? I enjoyed the
sharing, and love that Nutri-Bullet and how it blends nicely! I love the
simplistic way you did granny smith apples, celery, and water, and spinach
for a combination! Your right the cleanup is do they include all
them parts u said when you bought it.. and i priced them seems not too bad
of a price! I would love to see more combinations you like to do in a
video if you’d ever wanna do another one? I so do appreciate you taking
time my friend in doing the TAG! you Rock my dear friend, hugs
blessings..Shay xo 

Randy Huffman says:

I like the water idea cutting calories. Recipe looks awesome with the soy

Ben Rai says:

They look amazing! I”d deffo like one of these! The core slicer looks good

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