Hot for Halloween 2013 – Getting back into it

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Hot for Halloween 2013 - Getting back into itMy new fridge is more awesome than it looks 😛 Ok week. Nees to be better.


TheVlogDieters says:

Good job on sticking to it! Don’t worry, sometimes we need excuses and NOT do stuff!!! Listen to your body. Thanks for sharing your journey, just look at your face and you will see the change and that is way more than numbers will ever express… and I mean not only the visual change… you are a more happy person and more (positive) self confident, if that makes sense…


ANGIEfromAtoZ says:

love the vid i love lifting weights its transformed my body and i know for today ill be doing some hardcore squats i can relate to having a sore butt

Cytochrome1 says:

It does take a couple weeks to get rid of the bloat/carnage. Going in the right direction always makes you feel good, though! 🙂

ckrtom2 says:

Hey Greg. Nice follow along video. Ah, Thumb Butte…I know it well. I hiked it a couple times many years ago in my adolescence, LOL. Nice fridge. Mine is usually full–so much I’d probably have a problem if I had roommates. You mentioned being depressed a bit. Although my healthy eating is on a very even keel (for years now actually), I do get nasty mood swings sometimes. Just sayin’…I guess I was just numbed out or zoned out when I was eating all the bad stuff?

Mela Niie says:

I loved this video a lot 🙂 Having a bad food weekend…muffins, pizza, chocolate, crisps, carbonara…hey, wait, it is a GREAT food weekend, NOM! 😉 Ha…I’m back on it tomorrow. I’m just maintaining so I can sort of get away with my treat days now and then, but I just *feel* rubbish and I much prefer feeling WELL. <3 Hug from Ireland 🙂 Starting my 'healthy habits' series soon, to share with the world my best tips on how to keep the weight off. Losing 50lbs was easy, but keeping them off?...

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