Healthy Food Grocery Haul + GIVEAWAY

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Healthy Food Grocery Haul + GIVEAWAYA healthy grocery haul and my long awaited giveaway. ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE: Olivia’s Homemade Bounty Balls: – Giveaway Prizes – NutriBullet*…


NickaPaulo says:

I love bananas and my father has diabetes and he eat a lot of bananas and a
lot of fruit and he’s getting his levels down so I think that the
sugar-fruit is great for your system =)

Victoria Wilson says:

I have the first of the sugar series recorded on my V+ box so I think
that’ll need to be watched tonight, I love watching programmes like that. I
loved this video, as always (: I use the pea protein from Pulsin and it
tastes just like vanilla, it’s so good in my peanut butter and banana
smoothies (: Have a wonderful weekend!

Joley Williams says:

I tried entering the giveaway but it wouldn’t work 🙁 enjoyed watching the
video though! I always cook with dates for natural sweetening and it works
perfectly and brings some texture in! x

Gemma Beesley says:

Your hair looks stunning in this video

Vicky More says:

Absolutely love these kind of videos so helpfull for someone like me who is
trying to loose some weight. X

Emma - Louise says:

soo needed this today! thanks onna!

shellmcc0414 says:

Down with the Banana Haters!! Love this Onna 🙂 good healthy natural food,
no fads or fuss xx

Jessica Taylor says:

I’m totally with you on the cheese and garlic obsessions! 

Tasha Meline says:

I can’t wait to move out and have my own space so I can shop and buy my own
healthy foods etc. My mum has a nutri bullet and I absolutely love it! I
make all my healthy pancakes and sauces in there as well as my almond meal.
I will definitely be entering as I’d like one for myself for when I move
out in a few weeks

kelly baunee says:

Best give-away prizes ever!!!

Heather Conrad says:

I LOVE blackberries as well…. they are just so juicy and beautiful! haha
That is one killer giveaway as well!!!

Jane F. says:

palm oil isn’t good for you

Onna B says:

NEW VIDEO: Healthy Food Grocery Haul & Giveaway

Izy Vlogs says:

I also just bought some frozen sweetcorn from Sainsbury’s haha! I’ve
decided frozen veg are the way forward as I also like to always have some
veg on hand, and I googled it and apparently frozen veg can sometimes even
be better than fresh because they are picked and frozen when they’re at
their freshest point and at their source and freezing them doesn’t decrease
the nutritional value, whereas when you buy fresh they have to be
transported here so it’s more of a lottery as to what state they are in
when you buy them fresh. Really enjoyed this video by the way! x

Abigail Livesay says:

Love getting real life inspiration from someone I can relate to and have so
much in common with. Really enjoy your diet vlogs and food hauls. Thank you
Onna all the way from New Zealand xxx

Clemency Naish says:

You are delightful! This was really helpful to me as I am living with my
parents and struggle with maintaining a healthy diet whilst sharing their
meals! Inspired to just go it alone! Thank youuu Onna <3 x

sajinsul says:

love the video onna!<3

don't know if you've heard this before, but its been found in research that
cows milk is actually addictive, because when the casein protein in milk
breaks down it releases morphine, natures way of ensuring the baby calf or
goat always comes back to feed and gives it the best chance of survival -
and there's a higher concentration of casein in cheese! this maybe why you
feel you love cheese so much aha. :)

realstreetninja says:

Just wondering whether it’s the broccoli or bananas that you’re giving

Nichola Whitehead says:

Love your food haul!! So similar to me :)) you should enter my giveaway for
all my fave foods.. Think you’d love it!! Also.. Frozen veg contains more
nutrients than fresh in general so massive thumbs up :)) xxx

Melanie Murphy says:

I adore videos like this! NAKD, cocoa orange, YESSSSSSS! I’d love to do a
distance collab with you once I’ve finished filming with my Irish friends
on my wee list, we could do something health/body image related? Your
videos are always sooo on point I’m always dying for stuff like this to pop
up in my sub box haha, and it rarely ever does! x

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