Green Juice/Smoothie (Requested)

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Green Juice/Smoothie (Requested)This is the nutribullet I have: You can also use your regular home blender to get started right away. How I earn cash back on my onlin…


SydneyDiva says:

I have never seen anyone put so much water in! It looked far too runny for
a smoothie. 

gal luvs chanel says:

Thank you so much Mina!!! Muah! xoxo Marie

anjali18sept says:

Looks yummm plus how much quantity of every ingredient u use
for 1 or 2 glasses??

Padma Gopinath says:

Hi Meena.. Thanks for sharing. After seeing your videos I feeling like
trying green juice. I am 27 weeks pregnant, can I start having this every
day? Or I should start this after my pregnancy? What you suggest. Did u
have this juice during your pregnancy? Pls advise. 

Susan Lee says:

Hi Mina, love your videos 🙂 I’m about to be a mommy (very soon!) and am
debating between the neverfull and totally mm as an everyday/diaper bag. Do
you recommend one over the other? I know you use the totally mm as a diaper
bag, but I’m wondering if the neverfull fits more and is lighter, which
would be a plus bc I’m petite. What are your thoughts? 

Mina Irfan says:

Here is how I make my green juice/smoothies!!! 

Mocaloca00 says:

not stupid at alll! 

Mickey Crawford says:

Brilliant!!! Thank you for sharing Mina. I am considering purchasing a
nutri bullet. After watching this I def will. Have a great day xx

ddgladiva says:

Yes, very simple and quick. Thanks for sharing

belinda jess says:

Love my green juice. I use a little bit of fresh mint which is really nice
and add some chia seeds. 

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