Gadget Trish Nutribullet Lifestyle Update – September 25, 2013

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Gadget Trish Nutribullet Lifestyle Update - September 25, 2013I love my nutribullet, but I’m not 100% in my “clean” lifestyle changes. See what struggles I’m facing in this journey. MyFitnessPal:


Gadget Trish says:

Thank you very much.

moggie215 says:

You looking good skin looks lovely hair looks beautiful but I don’t think I ever seen you in a full body shot in your videos, always looks from head to chess. Keep up the good work.

sexyellex says:

You look beautiful, Trish!!!! I am loving the hair! You can achieve your goals!!!!

day1993 says:

I mos def feel you, loosing weight is a mind thing and their are times when I have those moments to. It just takes dedication and focus #Teamfitness.

ansol2006 says:

Congrats! You look healthy!!

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