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FULL DAY OF EATING PLUS CHEAT MEALThis is my normal full day of eating. I start with a Fruit smoothie consisting of green veggies, spinach, kale and chard. Frozen blueberries and one banana. …


antdogg2008 says:

Why do u freeze your power greens?

KoreanIron says:

Do the 405-deadlift challenge! 405-Deadlift Challenge (405×8 @ 172 lbs)

antballer2012 says:

I see everybody putting spinach in their smoothies. I’m gonna have to try
that shit today. I definitely feel more energy when I get those greens in
throughout the day. 

RackboyzFitness says:
SCSFitness316 says:

Great food porn!!

MILifeFitness says:

You might be having nutribullet problems because your way over filling it

K1rkHammet says:

I dont like fish.. The protein that I have is chicken breast, cottage
cheese (for the evening), milk, protein powder and ground beef. Not a fan
of eggs

dickgrayson827 says:

Good video 

threedabs glenn says:

nice full day of eating bro:)

MrUnr4ted says:

Is your nutribullet still acting up?

Coco Blast says:

Good video.. Wish u woulda recorded gym…

Fasted Sith says:

Damn you eating good cousin!

Paganizernl says:

Thanks for sharing this! 

Joseph Morales says:

Protein pudding looks gaf

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