Dr Robert Cassar: The Main Course: Green Tasty Salad Dressing!

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Dr Robert Cassar: The Main Course: Green Tasty Salad Dressing!In this Video: Mark Daniells with Dr Robert Cassar demonstrates how they are creative in the Kitchen in creating the Most Nutritious part of their Food Lifes…


duchessaustria says:

Can I use pumpkin seed in the shell?

Dr Robert Cassar says:

Yes of course you always soak seeds and or nuts .. I use the fulvic acid to dissolve the cadmium sheeting or coating around the seed .. that is main reason why you would soak the seeds … is to remove the cadmium coating which really irritates the gut wall ;)) Dr r

123padd123hjk says:

Love the info you guys are putting out there. Thanks for sharing.

In regard to the caraway finn crisps, the main ingredient is rye, which contains gluten from my understanding?

FxVisionary says:

What a good looking recipe! I have most of those ingredients, I think it might cost $15-20 to make 3-4 servings.

Sharka HolyStrawberry says:

Holy Yummm

Dan Broughan says:

lol the liver need 10 lbs to regenerate itself?? i have ended up with a clogged liver and painful pancreatitis on these oil and fats . damn –

EarthshiftProject says:

Dr Robert Cassar eats very little Fruit, because of the Sugars. Though he Loves eating Veggies. Dr Cassar would LOVE it if ALL Questions were asked via ‘VIDEO (recorded) Respose’ this way we can see your Face, just as you can see Dr Cassar. Thanks!

EarthshiftProject says:

Always welcome suggestions for New Videos; Also ALL questions are BEST Asked via a ‘VIDEO recorded Response’.

FletcherHabit says:

anybody know other emulsifiers other than egg yolks or mustard

FxVisionary says:

Incorrect @BrandonSanchez2009 Our bodies run on both Fats (optimum) and Sugars. Have you seen Dr Cassar’s Washboard Abs? You see how he talks about consuming more than 90 ounces of Coconut oil a month?
I didn’t see them use any eggs in this video. Our cells CAN process as long as we are Healthy, and our cells are healthy. MSM is a great supplement that allows our cells to be more permeable.

brandonsanchez2009 says:

They have to encourage high fat as a majority of there products are fats how else would they sell them. I enjoy getting about 10% of my total calories from fat avocados,young coconut meat and hemp seeds are my favorite sources

EarthshiftProject says:

It’s the alternative; vegenaise. They got good flavors that are Soy free too!

JayClassic88 says:

Those bags under his eyes are unhealthy.

Tyler Viscerine says:

Oh awesome! I was like “no way they eat mayonnaise!” hahaha 🙂 I’ll have to try it out. What do you eat it on or with?

Wester berg says:

Do you not Soak your nuts and seeds?

AmericanReEvolution says:

Would Earth Shift be interested in sponsoring athletes like an MMA fighter that uses your products?

Nathalie de wit says:

Thats a lot for one person! can you store it in the freezer? and for how long?

Nathalie de wit says:

That are a lot of ingredients, very expensive!

Tyler Viscerine says:

Is that a huge jar of mayonnaise on the counter behind you Robert?

madaboutshoes1 says:

I like watching these two together they compliment each other with their superior knowledge

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