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DESPERATELY TRYING TO GET BACK IN A ROUTINEDetailing my weight loss diary as it may inspire others to do the same. It will also shame me in to sticking to it. Stats below along with links to the produ…


101Jake101 says:

Come on dunk! Chin up mate, dig deep, you where keeping me going too! 

1amerkin says:

Dunc, you are still grieving mate. It takes time. It will get better.

No1KC says:

I’ve kind of fallen off as well. However, yesterday I made myself do some
weights (out of frustration for falling off), after that I felt great so I
went for a light 3km run. Today I feel great and am back on it. Perfect
timing for this vid.

JoeEyesLFC says:

whats the record amount of steps you’ve done in a day with the Fitbit? or
your average

ExileKyle says:

Those chins are coming off you, good to see!

Calu Nat says:

You should try the 8 hour diet Duncan. Let’s you eat all your normal stuff
but in an 8 hour window. 

DizzeeSpellz says:

I was getting worried Dunk, I didn’t want to say anything
I knew you’d get back to it
The best thing is you’re back, you have not given up
I lost my father 10 years ago and grief still hits me often. You learn to
live with it :/

Get rid of the biscuits unless they have been worked into your intake plan.
Sugar can only make you crave more and more. Once I start an entire pack
can be gone in 20 minutes XD.

mike headlines says:

Dunc, whats your dream weight ?

vheskeyz laad says:

I started the diet back 2 months ago around the time you did dunk, but I’ve
been off the wagon the last 2 weeks and I can actually see my belly
bloating up since then. But I’m going to go back on it now, I’ll get that
wee fitness app if I can find it, I’m struggling to find it right now, but
I’ll add you and see what I can do. Cheers dunk, keep up the good work on
koptalk btw, love your opinnions on the team and the way it’s run 

James Monaghan says:

Cmon dunk u have been doing well! Get back into your routine and you’ll be

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