“Confessions of a Carb Addict” – Day 22 of 35 Until Summer Weight Lose Vlog by Gadget Trish

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They say the truth will set you free, so I’m coming clean about my unclean eating. These are my culinary confessions. —————————————…


sexyellex says:

Trish, you are experiencing something that most of us experience…my weak
spots are chips, cheese, and cookies/cakes/pies. I have to work extra hard
to avoid/stay away from those items. It’s not always easy but I find the
best way to overcome the cravings are to place enough pain to eating those
items and lots amounts of joy to eating fruits and veggies so that my
decision to abstain is a non-issue. Now, do I ever fail at abstaining? Of
course, I just get through it (I typically get ill) and pick myself up and
try again.

Green Is The New Lean says:
Gadget Trish says:

I’m tired of the setback. However, I am NEVER giving up!!!! These are my
culinary confessions.

pimpgreen8989 says:

Don’t feel guilty, ain’t nothing wrong with eating carbs, just make sure
there complex carbs, and only eat them on the days you work out, have a
high carb breakfast and lunch, then hit the gym, I went from 89kg to 82kg
in under a month, using this method. 

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