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COMPLETE GREENS POWDER FROM BULK POWDERSI’ve purchased this product from Bulk Powders to give it a try. It’s called Complete Greens™ Powder. Below is some info about it. I purchased it based on the…


Shaun Stokes says:

fixed it, but now i can’t reply to you lol..

Shaun Stokes says:

oh right, will change that..

Shaun Stokes says:

Literally about to make a bulk powders order and i open youtube and see
this haha what are the chances 😛 might wanna try the protein shakes too
dunc they are good for cravings, only like 100 calories per serving, very
cheap and tastes better than most supermarket milkshakes..

Duncan Oldham says:

Shaun Stokes … I can’t reply to your comment mate due to your privacy
settings … they may relate to your Google+ settings. Thanks for the
comment if you see this.

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