Can You Make Chocolate Ice Cream with the Nutribullet?

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Can You Make Chocolate Ice Cream with the Nutribullet? – Amazon is a great place to pick up your Nutribullet as well as awesome smoothie ingredients and recipe books! They work hard to give cu…


Wendy Throckmorton says:

Suggestion on how to make it not so thin. Add about 2 tablespoons of
whipping cream & Use the cross blade to chop the ice and frozen banana,
then put the milling blade on and it will thicken the mixture….Promise!
It’s how I make homemade whipped cream! It’s delicious! 

dysart manach says:

Nutribullet is really the best money I ever spent. Couldn’t live without
it. Enjoy your vids.

bryan42981 says:

Looks good man

Wendy Throckmorton says:

Thank you for the channel! your ideas & recipes are awesome and all of us
together I believe can perfect it & make the nutribullet a must have I’m
everyone’s home, it’s def I’m mine and at work. Don’t go anywhere with it!

It’s also perfect for making my protein shakes… Protein powder, frozen
fruit of your choice & water! Perfection, good for you & low calories! 

empress effects says:

I have recently bought this machine.I will embark on the six week
detox,immune booster.I love your channel.thanx sooo much for
you,honesty,enthusiasm and ideas.I have subcribed and I will be watching.I
am a pesatarian.I saw you make chicken try it with
fish..hmmm.I have sle lupus and I am looking to relieve pain,inflammation
and eat clean.lets get juicing!!oh and the soup?!looked yummers…

seventyeh says:

this looks great.Im going to try my own variation in my nutribullet. I
think it will be better if you put it in the freezer for awhile

Ernsto Diaz says:

Less milk and more ice

dinomusic15 says:

Your videos are great sir ! Thank you for this awesome idea of making ice
cream in a nutribullet ! Keep it up man ! :)

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