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BULK POWDERS DISCOUNT CODE - NEW DELIVERY!There’s a Bulk Powders discount code below! Today I took delivery of some new products from Bulk Powders. You will have heard me talk about my previous purchases from them in my other videos…


Conor ORourke says:

Dunk which bulk powder is the nicest and I heard we recalled Jordan Ibe
what do you think of him YNWA

MrCable75 says:

i ordered from Bulk Powders yesterday Dunc. i used your code.

andy martin says:

hi dunc, i purchased the konjac stuff, complete thermogenic 90 capsules,
pure whey protein chocolate mint and complete greens . cant for it to come

Brian Partridge says:

Hi dunk just got some weight loss stuff with your code thanks for the
advice keep up the good work 

Dean Coates says:

dunk, cod liver oil tablets can make you put a lot of weight on,,may help
with other issues,,and i suppose if you are losing weight it won’t really
matter,just trying to help mate..all the best,,,you got to do a video on
treadmill pal, that would kill 2 birds with one stone…while losing

ejaz79en says:

Bulk powders is spot on dunk, I order from there 

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