BUG COLLIDING WITH MY FACE! (Vlog #60) [6-19-14]

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BUG COLLIDING WITH MY FACE! (Vlog #60) [6-19-14]Please share my campaign! https:// Here’s a long vlog to make up for the week of short vids. I’m trying to talk to you…


Julz Arimah says:

Yippee! I love how long this vlog was! Was Dominion any good? I’d never
heard of it before you mentioned it in the vlog but i’m really looking for
a new TV series to indulge in.

Jessica Bolton says:

I liked Dominion a lot. I also watch Defiance which I love.

Naomi Mead says:

Aww I love you too! I can’t believe I was your favorite comment of the day.
That awesome!

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