Body Issues | Weekly Vlog ep. 2

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Body Issues | Weekly Vlog ep. 2Hi lovelies! Welcome back to another VLOG! First let me start with apologizing for how long this one is, I started talking about something personal and feel that should be shared with yall…


BellaRhea Beauty says:
Jamie Garretson says:

Please don’t ever consider yourself “not worthy enough” for those guys you
described. You are beautiful, don’t ever put yourself down. I’ve struggled
with insecurity about my weight too but now I realize I look good just as I
am! My guy loves how I look and so do I.. I’m not skinny by any means but
I’m comfortable with who I am. You have so much going for you and you’ll
def meet someone as amazing as yourself 🙂 sorry for rambling lol I just
hate hearing beautiful girls not believe in themselves the way they should.
Btw keep up the amazing work with your channel!! Xoxo

If The Stiletto Fits says:

I enjoyed this so much! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us
🙂 I know it can be so hard to put yourself out there but you are amazing
and beautiful and have so much to offer so keep doing it! ❤️ the right guy
will come at the right time when you least expect it, it’s cheesy but I
really believe it! I love the bachelor haha! So cute yay bachelor nation

Caitlyn Kreklewich says:

You are an amazing and beautiful person!
Also never let anyone get you down.
No one can ever make you feel bad about yourself but you. Don’t let others
comment or how they are get to you.
You are an amazing and beautiful woman!
No one can ever be you, look like you, act like you, an talk like you, now
that’s an amazing thing!
You’re one of a kind, so live it up till your extinct :)
I loved getting to know you more.

Cassi Strickling says:

You’re so beautiful .Love your videos just subscribed ! Found you through

Chelsea Tilson says:

THAT fruit looks amazing!!!!! I totally agree with you about jerks! One day
we will find amazing men that love and respect us! UNTIL THEN WE HAVE EACH
OTHER =) Your cats are stinking adorable. Glad you loved your package, boo!

BarbieMiiint says:

I loved learning more about you. You are beyond gorgeous that’s not a
shocker the weigh holding you back thing you said def something that held
me back too! And your right it’s in gods plan and he has someone perfect
waiting for you!!! I love your vlogs I hope you keep doing them!! And side
note all that fruit for 5 bucks that was insane lol!

Nilla Bean says:

It took a lot of courage to share your journey with us and I hope you
continue to. I can relate to your story as I struggle with weight issues
too, but as I become more comfortable with my body as it is, I no longer
fight with myself which makes the weight loss journey easier. Remember
that you are a beautiful woman inside and outside! Keep up the great job!

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