Blueberry Pancakes in the Nutribullet with NO EGGS??? (YES YOU CAN!)

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lisa inFlorida says:

I wanted to ask you before I get mine tomorrow should I get the nutrininja
or the nutri bullet? Everyone says the nutrininja so I am asking you lol

nutribullettime says:
Birute00 says:

Very informative video and discussion. Funny, I use the Nutribullet to
make my batters as well. Good job on your first time making these
pancakes. I was nice to hear Camera Girl also! Can’t wait for your grand
opening in October! I’ll go spend time watching the ads for you.

Rana Cjp says:

Once again awesome stuff. Making life simple is your for ray for sure!!

GoRaw GoVegan says:

Did you try the nutribullet RX yet????

49ldavis says:

This looks great. I think I will add my blueberries after I blend I like
them whole. Looks good!

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