Big Boss Man DiLo Day #6 of the Liquid Diet/Detox Transformation 7-12-14

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Big Boss Man DiLo Day #6 of the Liquid Diet/Detox Transformation 7-12-14Day #6 of the Liquid Diet/Detox Transformation and I explain how I feel and upcoming events! 🙂


MindWave Studios says:

i think it would be so cooool to see u possibly dealing with a criminal or
doing ur walk around the premisses, Joe or Johnny could film you. It would
be like “Cops” but u could call the series “Security” or something like
that. u Rock the Casbah Big Boss!シ proud of u doing the diet. This is
Jonathan R. Holeton btw, Joe, through my video business MindWave Studios.

GibbMeisterXB1 says:

Lol hope ya was on your break haha 

Robert Powell says:

Hey big boss! I am glad to see the diet is working for you! This is is my
second channel and I am letting you know you rock! :)

Cellophane Man says:

Seeing you and the boys is really fun. It was also funny with you and that
apple sticker lol! Your rants are always fun to watch. It’s also cool to
listen to you just talk there at work. Man, I gotta agree with you on those
16’s . I used to have a shift that was one 8 hour, and two 16’s. 3pm to
7am. I watched a LOT of movies and tv shows, I tell ya that! And for those
who don’t know.. there is plenty of time in a 16 hour shift to do your job
and watch things. /ramble off. 

BigBossMan Dilo says:
BugSplat says:

Your skin is hanging off your face! That means you’re losing weight FAST!
Don’t worry though Pops, it’ll shrink down to fit you. Song?? “Let Her Go”
from the Superbowl Commercial with the Dog and the Horse. Prank? Call the
Music Instrument store and ask if they can service a SKIN FLUTE! PLEASE

AndyFromCALi says:

Keep it up d!

Rocky and Rich Daily Vloggers says:

Happy Saturday! <3 Rocky

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