Big Boss Man DiLo Day #23 of My Liquid Diet/Detox 7-29-14

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Big Boss Man DiLo Day #23 of My Liquid Diet/Detox 7-29-14Day #23 of my liquid diet/detox and update on upcoming events.


MeetThePresleys says:

oooooo liquid diet detox!!!!
yaaaay your going strong!! at it!!!

Jonathan Holeton says:

glad to hear u guys are going to the gym. i should go too, i tried before,
but wasn’t consistent.

Our Great Adventures! says:

Awe that’s so sweet that you’re helping others out 🙂 I tried those green
drinks before…. gross! I’m nocturnal as well, but that will change by the
end of August. I like AdvoCare, and sparks 🙂 Good luck with your


How much wait did you lose when you went to the doctor yesterday? 

Cellophane Man says:

Is the upcoming song with a partner, “Let’s Duet” from Walk Hard? It would
be extremely funny!

NewWaveFan1 says:

Let us know how the training goes…

BigBossMan Dilo says:
Rocky and Rich Daily Vloggers says:

So glad the detox is working well for you!
Happy that you’re incorporating exercise now too.

Richard Vig says:

The diet and exercise are going to make a big difference…you have such a
great attitude!

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