August Scalcation Update! – Ty Live!

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August Scalcation Update! - Ty Live!Hey everyone! Here is the update on how my scalcation went along with my plan for September! Thanks for watching!


aqhorton says:

Nothing wrong with it! God didn’t give us taste buds for nothing. Moderation is key. Food is not your “little-g” god so don’t even think to worry about it. You and your family stay blessed and keep on moving down that narrow path, brother!

Ruthie Chisolm says:

Ty brother. Your videos are great. I learn and laugh. You have a good sense of humor.

Gabrielle Hepburn says:

congratulations on maintaining! there’s positives in everything. 😀

DiscoveringNatural says:

Someone has been looking in my “Life” book! Gosh.. you just describe me to a “T”. I am also a Carpe Diem eater, however, I am also a routine person. Monday – Friday, I stick to my workout and eating, Saturday and Sunday I am more flexible with caution, of course. I have been able to maintain my 120s weight for a decade now. Woohoo… 40s please treat me well!!


the burnt ends of the brisket.. lmAO.
I was raised in theSouth. iGETit.

lmao @ “block” of cake.
Hubbs rofl @ my Dad when he requested a “hunk” of ice cream. He looks at me & asks “How much exactly is a “hunk” what kind of utensil serves a “hunk”?

So for anyone who doesn’t know, a hunk is more than a serving/scoop, but less than half the entire thing. So although those of us eating in portions of “hunks” are known to be greedy, hunk servings keep u JUUUST under the dividing line of gluttonous.

Alexandrea Owens says:

Haha that’s good that you can retain your weight now! As long as you’re working out you are doing a great job 🙂 keep up the good work and God Bless 🙂

healthy1bobogh says:

I love these videos, i’m also on a weight loss journey and it’s like you’re in my head. Soon it’ll all be second nature (i hope)

Alexandrea Owens says:

Haha that’s awesome that you can retain your weight now!!! As long as you’re working out you are going a good job!! God bless Ty!

dorm59 says:

Congrats on maintaining your weight! And I applaud your calculated eating. I’m “naturally” very slender and anytime someone asked how I maintained my weight my answer was always I have a fast metabolism. However, I have come to realise a second factor that helps me; Discipline. I never hold myself back from eating all the “good” stuff i want to eat but then when I have had enough, I just stop. We all know when we’ve had enough. Bottom line, discipline is key in a healthy weight journey.

Eccentrically Beautiful says:

Ooohhhh my goodness!!! The cake!!!! My goodness LOL Keep up the good work–mm maybe October because it won’t be in November and probably not December! Haha

Nancy Parker says:

Good job Ty! You’re description of the size of that lemon cake was hillarious but it’s all about moderation, I think if you love food, which most people that struggle with weight do, you have to indulge once in awhile or it’s too easy to just get tired of dieting & give up so you’re doing a really good job.

ElusvOptmst1 says:

Ty you sure love cake. LOL Keep up the good work in maintaining your weight though. 🙂

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