ATM Prank Day

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ATM Prank DayFollow me on Instagram @DennisRoady I start the day right going HAM in the gym then slamming down a power food smoothie with breakfast. Need to fuel up for a…


thekidfrankie9 says:

who washes their fruit with soap?

Davinho511 says:

Fruits and vegetables, no thanks, I’ll stick to pizza and burgers :)

iaai says:

What kind of screen protector is on ur iphone????

DownSite Airsoft says:

You or Vitally should be Romans body guards when he does sketchy pranks

420blazeit says:


Zak says:

11:48 for a moment i got the feeling that i was watching a Gilroy vlog
haha, crazy!

jj maya says:

check dr bronner’s soap for produce washing and everythang. 

robbbyyy25 says:

P.S. Dont listen to Mike much, do your research. Sugars in fruits are
better than any fruit, apples and all, plus there is sugar in berries too,
AND natural sugar is needed in your body…great vlog Dennis

legitboiii says:

What’s the outro song

Eric Bensoussan says:


mikelongobardi says:

more vlogs yo

Lostpanda123 says:

WTF!!!! you should never use soap to clean vegetables or fruits!!! A
healthy diet is a diet that consist of whatever – as long as it’s in
moderation! with other words, all those shakes or whatever are idiotic and
meaningless – since the body discards all excess nutritions….

aredartswings says:

Hey Dennis for protein you can use a few tablespoons of hemp seeds. It’s
one of the highest sources of natural protein. Also has omega 3, 6, and 9.
Adds a nice nutty flavor as well. Look it up

aappierce says:

Your vlogs are THE SHIT, man, seriously. 

Mortar Clark says:

I never saw anyone washing their fruits and vegetables with soap

jbvap says:

Wtf dennis? Thought you were jokin about the soap I guess not though. Just
rinse them off bro

Steen Langerhuizen says:

He drank 2 healthy shakes and now hes the health and nutrition expert

Dennis RoadyVlogs says:

Are you ready for our ATM PRANK? Make #ATMPRANK trend on Twitter!! We have
court on June 24th in Columbus OH 

Martin Mullally says:

That smoothie looks amazing…

RamboPanda1 says:

What’s the name of your song you’re using for your outro? That shit rocks!

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