#6 What’s In My Nutribullet- Tropical Green Juice

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#6 What's In My Nutribullet- Tropical Green JuiceThis is a simple green juice that I make for a snack or to go along with a meal. Also I meant to say that I like to use the nutribullet rather than a juicer …


BeBuka Divinity says:

Peace to you and Family

julietoscar11 says:

Love your smoothie ideas!!!

KrystalsBeautyCue says:

I tried this recipe this morning and LOVED it! I used a banana, lots of spinach, frozen peaches, and flax seeds. I’m going to buy the coconut water today 🙂 By the way, you look great!! xoxo

2eyeluvmac2 says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing

SofiaAlejandra9 says:

That looks amazing!!!! You look fabulous! I hope you are doing well and that time speeds up for you!

KrystalsBeautyCue says:

Awesome recipe!!! Thank you for sharing. I’m going to try this one 🙂

BleuKiwis says:

I use strawberry and banana, sometimes organic yogurt for an extra creamy texture. Thanx for sharing.

KaSandra72 says:

I made my first green smoothie this morning with my NutriBullet thanks to this video. I love my blender. It’s amazing. Thanks for all the ideas.

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