4.1.15 Weekly Weigh In + Frustration

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Shrinking Suzzzie says:

I’m getting really frustrated with the scale! Grrr. 

ALotToC says:

It sounds like you are doing things right. Just keep at it! You may want to
research toxins and how they affect weightloss. Possibly you are being
exposed to too many toxins to metabolize fat cells. I have a video talking
about what I learned in my channel. (That’s not meant as a plug, I actually
found out some mind-blowing information). 

BeautyandHealthNewb says:

I understand your frustration! I have no idea what it could be. Dunno if
your doctor or a nutritionist could help. There are so many factors that go
into weight loss/gain. I love your NSV with your legs being stronger!
That’s so awesome and I think I love the NSVs than the numbers on the
scale. (: You definitely don’t look 38! I though you were way younger than
that! Lol. April 25th we’re going to try on/look at bridesmaid dresses and
I’m so nervous. I think I’m the biggest out of all the girls.

Fit2LuvME says:

It sounds like you have been kicking butt! The scale will move. Keep going.

OMG, I can’t believe your age! But I’m glad you said it, because a couple
of times I felt kind of like a weirdo acting so “chummy” with a 22
year-old. LOL!

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