♡ How To Make A Green Smoothie! ♡

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jolvin zhang says:

Hi I tried blending the spinach but it seem lik doesn’t blend it till
smooth I can feel the leaf .. Is cozy blender ? I’m using shake n take
blender.. Pls advise

Matthew Varga says:

this smoothie is delicious. it should be called the HULK smoothie because
of the intense green colour lol

HealthNutNutrition says:

Find out how to make a delicious tropical green smoothie in less than 5

HealthNutNutrition says:

Thanks! yea I thought the bloopers would be a good touch since I hate bees

HealthNutNutrition says:

To be honest I’ve never heard of the shake and take blender. I just googled
it and it looks like a blender that would have a very small motor. I would
suggest maybe try cutting up the spinach into smaller pieces and blend it
with your liquid first until smooth and then add in the rest of your
ingredients. Let me know if that helps at all!

Mohamed Mohideen says:

Lol.. nice smoothie. . 4.00 to 4.20 super nice:D

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