Will it Blend? – Neodymium Magnets

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Will it Blend? - Neodymium MagnetsTom just celebrated the birth of his 40th grand child! Wow! He just discovered one of his favorite toys, neodymium magnet balls, are said to be banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission….


Blendtec says:

You’re not going to want to miss this “Will it Blend?” episode…

particlebeam says:

Good lord, this is hysterical! That gave me a good laugh! Subscribed. :D

Jack Gwinnell says:


Gkkiux says:

First they banned Kinder Surprise, then they banned magnets… Why don’t
they ban bullets instead?

mr1spamification says:

I was concerned he didn’t think this experiment through and the magnet
balls flying up to the roof of the inside of the blender would hit and
penetrate his hand through the glove. They were sparking, it had to be
quick or hot or both. Hope he had some protective something or other on his
right glove palm…

randomrazr says:

is the container made of glass or plastic?

Peter Griffin says:

Oxygen will it Blend?
Blends oxygen
Opens blender
Wheeeww Oxygen Dont breath this


Can i buy one in germany ? *-* (blender, Not the magnets ) ? 

Babby Babbyson says:

+Gkkiux Because bullets don’t kill people.

Forssa1 says:

What? A will it blend episode? Now I better check on Steam to see if
Half-Life 3 is out.

djwandals says:

Can’t wait for the next episode in 2016

Jesse Thompson says:

this guy is still alive??

Roxas theNobody says:

It’s a shame they banned them… Because a few Children with an iq of -7
stuck some magnets in their mouth, we all have to pay the price. 

ThatEmeraldGamer says:

I loved the video man! It made my day get a whole lot better! One day I
hope to have fans as great as you! But recently I hit 630 subs on my
channel! I love my fans they are so great! Ok then, see ya guys!

StarCrusher says:

40th grand child? How many children does this guy have??

Kratos Aurion Plays says:

0:52 Wow that is intense.

Why is that item banned though?

Legendaryskillz says:

Is there *any* smoke we *can* breath in?

manvir gill says:

mna though i would rather buy a cheap blender then this expensive shit like
imma blen this stuff

Anonymoose's Corner says:

Now *that* was impressive!

40th grandchild? Yikes! I’m not sure whether to offer congrats or
condolences. LOL

Glunn says:

there are wars going on
and more
and we’re just over here
testing if magnets blend
fuck yeah

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