Weight Loss, Birth Family Search, & More!

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Weight Loss, Birth Family Search, & More!I love you all! Thanks for joining me on all my journeys! *Birth Info* NAME: Cho, Min Seon (87C-2387) DOB: 10/20/1987 PROVINCE: Choongchungnam-do ORGANIZATION: Eastern Child Welfare …


James Davison says:

Hope you find them I’m a Korean adopted too and understand all the feels
you feeling I hope you can find them because when I’m older I hope to find
my birth parents too and would love to see you do it and how. Maybe it
might even help me find mine anyways your awesome 

Toady&Sakura[: says:

I wish you the best of luck Hannah! Youre an amazing person! (:

Lily201186 says:

It will be so amazing if you found your biological family. It’s perfectly
normal to be super curious about your origins. Hannah, remember that if you
don’t find them, then it’s not meant to be, try not to feel too down
(although I know it’s easier said than done), we all love you and support
you. I’ve enjoyed watching you grow and change for the past couple of
years, I feel like we’re long distance friends (I’m in Australia). I admire
your energy and positivity, I wish I had some more of that! I’m mostly
introverted, although talkative to those I’m comfortable with. Lots of love

Astari Kson says:

I hope you find them. Good luck:)

EM angell says:

Good luck with EVERYTHING Hannah!!!

TheKatalicious17 says:

I hope you find your family. I know I’d want to do the same. Sorry this is
off-topic, but what do you use to edit your videos? Just curious as I’m
trying to find a system that works well for my computer so I don’t have to
just use the YouTube editor anymore! lol

livmadeleine says:

I was adopted too! My story is quite different from yours, though. I was a
local adoption. My adoptive parents waited 13 years for a baby to go up for
adoption in their province of Quebec, Canada. My biological mother decided
to put me up for adoption while she was in labor. When my adoptive parents
finally got the call that there was a baby waiting for them they couldn’t
go and get me right away. After waiting that long they got rid of all the
baby supplies they collected because they thought it would never happen.
After getting me my dad was a very excited, and proud father. My mother on
the other hand… well I suspect her maternal clock had stopped ticking
long before I arrived. She lost the desire to be a mother after waiting for
so long. Her and my dad didn’t end up working out.

My adoption was “semi open” I guess you could say? When I was around 4 my
dad ended up making contact with my biological grand mother. We had a
relationship with her for a while. My adoptive mother contacted her and
told her lies because she didn’t want any other women in my life. I think
she was scared I’d end up wanting to meet my biological mother at some
point. I still don’t understand why she did that seeing as she didn’t want
to be a mother herself. (My adoptive mother gave up a child for adoption
when she was 16, AND she was adopted as a baby too so she should have known
not to do that)

As for me now, I have no desire to meet my biological parents. I know some
basic information about them so I could find them if I really tried since I
only live one province over from where they lived when I was born but I
just don’t want to. My dad raised me all by himself and I truly feel as if
he is my one, true, real parent. I don’t feel lost, or empty not knowing
where I came from. Not saying that there is anything wrong with that
because I totally understand why people feel that way, but I just don’t! If
they were to try and contact me I wouldn’t shut them out or anything, but I
won’t go out looking myself. I would be interested to just know if I had
any siblings, though. Growing up as an only child I always wanted a brother
or sister… but it’s not eating away at me or anything! 🙂

If anyone actually read all of this then thank you!!!!! Sorry it was so
long, and all over the place. Writing things never came easily to me
hahaha. <3 

Kevin Gonzalez says:

Do you know the Korean spelling of your name and your mother’s name? That
might help a little I think. But goodluck and we’ll be here for you! 

Stella Park says:

Hi, Hanna.. I know an organization (Korean) that helps find adoptee’s
biological parents. If you are interested, I can give you their contact
info. And possibly help you get in touch with people who will be able to
find your biological parents. Please message me if this is something you
are interested. 🙂 

TreClaire says:

How do your adoptive parents feel about you searching?

L Miller says:

I’m sure your birth mother thinks about you every day and prays for you
every day as well. God bless you Hannah.

Gabi Best says:

Hi Hannah 🙂

Do you know what branch the ESWS was? Or where at in Korea it is? I’m
American but live over here in Korea. I volunteer/work in several
orphanages here and do translating work for them, (Eastern Social Welfare
being included in this group). I go specifically to ESWS at least once a
week and know the staff very well and have a pretty good connection. I have
never been on the side of adoption where an adoptee is looking for their
birth family but it’s definitely something I’m willing to help you with if
I can^^

Xiao says:

aww man, i cried when you talked about your family. i hope you get a chance
to meet them <3

cantstoptheseeker says:

Trust me Hannah, your birth mom does think of you. Because all moms do.
Especially if the reason was poverty and she had no choice but to give you
a better life, which is most of the cases of East Asian adoptions.

Lemon Drops says:

Yay! Hannah’s back. Happy late Easter too. I absolutely LOVE your bike –
that is exactly the type I have my eye on. I also love the color! Your
adoption story touched me. I am not adopted, but I come from a long line of
mixed people – I look one way, but my culture is utterly different! So in
that sense, I get you. I don’t know anything about adoption, but all I can
say is I wish you the best, best, best ♥

slipperybanana says:

Hi Hannah! You should check out danakadan on YouTube; he did a documentary
that followed his journey in finding his biological parents in South Korea.
Similar to you, he was adopted by his now white parents in America. Hope
you’ll find this relatable!

Julie Kim says:

your mothers name in korean should be 조순덕 or 조순독
and your namein korean is 조민선 or 조민손
it depends on the eo in the second syllable of the first names whether its
pronounced uh or oh

Narom Ngin says:

Did you know the recommended daily allowance (RDA) was actually tested on
prisoners? They were trying to figure out the bare minimum amount of
nutrition required in order to just stay alive. 

Suzy Ng says:

Good luck Hannah! Im excited for you :)

Kagome Kitty says:

Good luck to you lovely lady, your birth family would be so proud of who
you’ve become <3

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