WeekDay Off

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WeekDay Offhey lovers. new video another vlog…. hope yha enjoy 🙂 tweet me @BadGirlAngie805 Instagram @BadGirlAngie.


Pretty Lil Teine says:

Angie I love my nutribullet ! I’m not really a salad eater but when I make
my drinks it’s BOMB. Just add any green veggie you want like spinach or
lettuce, a lil water(depends how watery you like it) & fruits I use 1 apple
& a banana & ice guuuuuuurl its so good lol. But I must warn you it does
clean you out after a few days so be prepared lol. 

Joss Amor says:

Love your glasses

beatriz vallejo says:

Hello question you had another channel. I love your videos but i never
comment but live them 

Evy Moncada says:

I can listen to you all day girl. Lol Thanks for introducing me to vons,
btw. Xoxo

Brenda Chavez says:

Hey girl are you still friends with Divina Diamante. Just wondering since I
haven’t seen her in any of your videos or intagram post 

Whoopie Goldbird says:

Angie what happened to groot?

stefanislamb says:

Heeeeeey new Vlog booBoos!!

SweetDelight says:

You’re interesting. More vlogs !

timeIezz says:

I can listen to you all day! Do a review on the Nutribullet! 

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