WE GOT A NEW BLENDER [ FEB 11, 2015 | DAY 781 ]

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WE GOT A NEW BLENDER [ FEB 11, 2015 | DAY 781 ]We got a new toy in the mail (for a contest) and of course, Jurre had to play around with it. Not sponsored fyi, we like it. We finally created a Facebook Page for “US”, meaning YOU & US!…


Press Record says:

We’ve been talking about making smoothies xD and now after seeing you guys
make slushies the desire is steonger! XD

MissLilyputt says:

I forgot to ask if Sara or Jurre went to this place called the Efteling. It
looks like so much fun. I saw it in the Apprentice Eh vlogs. One of them is
Dutch and she went to Holland to visit family. It’s an amazing place. 

JaySy says:

The cats always find something to get into. Whether it be a box, my desk,
or trouble. They find something!

Averil says:

I would like to meet Sara and Jurre as that would be sage 😀 

Rwededyet says:

Freeze the Power-Aid in an ice cube tray, then you can use them to make a
real Power-Aid slushie.

Teresa Simpson says:

Kevin Smith is my actor/director/writer bucket list “want to meet”.

NerdishByNature says:

We had a new toy in the mail, it’s awesome at murdering icecubes

Mark Hilton says:

i wouldn’t want to stick my fingers in that blender

theslyguy07 says:

In Europe, the rules are as follows for hoovers:
From 1 September 2014, companies in the EU will be banned from making or
importing vacuum cleaners above 1600 watts.

The rules get even tougher as in September 2017, as all vacuum cleaners
will have to be less than 900w.

Its amazing how some gadgets can be allowed more power and others have to
be dropped down.

Nutri-Ninja sounds cool…. if its like the NutriBullet that we have here,
it will use cyclonic technology so it pushes any food upwards to the top
like a cyclone once its broken it down.


eatmarth says:

I don’t really have that list. I figure that most celebrities are regular
people on some level so there’s no real point to meeting them over someone

Sessa79 says:

I am gong to send you a recipe for Lemon Mint juice that is huge here in
Egypt. It would be perfect for your new toy.

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