Vitamix Dry Blade Container Review, New Website and a GIVEAWAY!

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Vitamix Dry Blade Container Review, New Website and a GIVEAWAY!Long-awaited and most requested review of the Vitamix Dry Blade Container. Dry Blade vs. the Wet Blade. Description of the Dry Blade Container Review of the …


Henry PJ says:

Hi Dwayne! Thanks so much for watching almost every video I’ve made, you are awesome! In terms of the Vitamix returning pulp-less results, that would be true. What you won’t get is a “juice-like” consistency as if you bought a bottle of Apple juice. Instead it’s going to be of a thicker consistency because all the fiber is incorporated. Same as a smoothie from your local smoothie shop. Incorporating peel isn’t a good idea, the drink would be bitter. I don’t recommend it.

BeatBaykers says:

Love the videos henry cant wait to get the vita-mix- i can use the dry blade for grinding coffee beans!

Henry PJ says:

Hi Robert, I will check with my web host. Thanks for informing me. I will get back with you with an update.

Henry PJ says:

I like your way of thinking in terms of changing your eating style. Awesome. Check your inbox, I’ll send you a link to the 7500 for information about it.

Ninjacoba says:

Hi Henry,
My wife and I love your very informative videos. A dry blade container would be a wonderful addition to our Vitamix Pro 750. We would love to make some delicious home-ground and home-baked bread to go along with your hot vegetable soup from the Vitamix vs. Ninja video. I didn’t see that recipe in the all recipes section, but I hope you can post it for us sometime in the future.

lovelaizure says:

Thank you!

Henry PJ says:

You’re very welcome. Thanks for watching!

Henry PJ says:

Awesome butler372! Glad I could help. The dry blade is an excellent addition and will fit any one of the current Vitamix blender bases.

butler372 says:

Yo, I’m loving my Vitamix! Thanks for all the wonderful info in helping me chose it over Blentec. I’ve also been having loads of fun blending my herbs, almonds, flaxseed etc. to add to my morning smoothies. I have yet to purchase the dry blade container but would certainly love to have it in my kitchen/lab! lol Thanks again!

Joyce B Dudley says:

I have been doing healthy eating since Jan 2013. I lost 40 pounds, I was using the Montel Health Master. The machine broke. I am looking for a new Machine and the Vitamix looks and works wonderful. Thanks for all the information on Vitamix Blender.

Joyce B Dudley says:

I have been doing healthy eating since Jan 2013. I lost 40 pounds, I was using the Montel Health Master. The machine broke. I am looking for a new Machine and the Vitamix looks and works wonderful.

Henry PJ says:

Hi Ninjacoba, thank you for your nice comments and for visiting my website. Good point about the vegetable soup. I’ll have to add that to the All Recipes page on my website. I’ll be updating the website week after week. It’s still in it’s infancy and great requests like yours will help it grow fast. 🙂

gorgeous11907 says:

That looks like a cooler way to grind my herds and such. Rather then a stone grinder lol.

Henry PJ says:

Hi Joyce. If you are looking for a new Vitamix may I suggest a Certified Reconditioned model. They are fully serviced with a new casing, new blending container and are virtually indistinguishable from a brand new one. You will get a full 5 year warranty. Prices start at $329 and there’s a 3-pay plan to allow you to pay in installments while you take home the Vitamix. If you are interested in this please let me know. I can give you a special offer.

Robert Guzman says:

Henry I tried to log into your website and I get the following error. I am deployed and our accounts through the military are strict but I should be able to get to your site.

The reason it was blocked:
This Websense category is filtered: Potentially Damaging Content

lovelaizure says:


I debated getting the vitamix for awhile and after watching your videos I have decided this is my favorite choice over bkendtech!! So I am attending school right now which makes me very busy but also broke. I eat vegetarian/vegan and it gets hard to get in the kitchen when everything is so expensive. Well if I had a dry container I am going to make all my flours and all my milks and grains so ill never have to by all my expensive alternatives again! 😉 can you send me a vitamix 7500link?

Dwayne Sawyer says:

Hi Henry, I enjoyed your videos. I went through 15 in one sitting. I am not totally sold on the Vitamix yet, but I like what I’ve seen so far. The one question I have is regarding the claim that Vitamix makes a pulp-less finished product. From what I could tell from some videos, this didn’t always seem to be the case. Also, there is a lot of talk about using the whole fruit with peel and getting the same pulp-less results. I would love to see you do a video to set the record straight.

Henry PJ says:

Hi lincal2010, thank you very much. I needed to hear that. I was trying to focus more on simplicity along with plenty of content. I’ve visited other blending websites and the navigation was either too confusing or had too much content for me find. You Rock!!!

bcknapp says:

Hi Henry, I’ve been following your videos since you first reviewed the 750 on YouTube. It was actually your video that convinced me to get the Vitamix over another brand I was looking at! Your videos have inspired me to try new recipes (specifically the peanut butter and the carrot juice!). I would really like to try out the dry container to create my own flour from whole grains!

Isis Mendoza says:

Hi, Henry I would like the dry container to make healthier food not only for my self but for my family. Specifically I would like to blend CANARY SEED, and make it into a milk/water/drink for lowering blood pressure for my whole family.

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