The Ultimate Smoothie Recipe & NutriBullet Review (Plus channel updates)

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The Ultimate Smoothie Recipe & NutriBullet Review (Plus channel updates)NutriBullet Amazon Link –


The Hikercrone says:

We love our Nutribullet – Awesome! It makes it so easy to blend together
all those nutritious things that are personally hard for me to gag down
(did somebody say KALE?) 🙂 Also add hemp powder, and muscle powder on the
workout days. Bon appetite!

Rudy Jaboor says:

Wow, great infomercial !! You make it look super easy to get good nutrition
without the hassle of cooking and the big mess to clean up. NutriBullet is
looking pretty good. But, what I’m waiting for is the video about all of
the beard care products you mentioned a couple of times in earlier videos.
My beard could use some attention. 

Latanya t says:

Great video and good luck on the sale too.

OnTheRoad says:

For someone that talks like a meat eater, you sure are getting super foods
with this drink regime. Like as if you’re training to be a boxer or

BlackTop Boondocker says:

I have the 900w version we use it daily. We love it. 

The Off Grid Prepper says:

hey i like that range hood you have , what brand is it ? does it work
good ? i am thinking of getting something like that on a new house i am
going to build ,
tks for videos

Drory Nadav says:

Great Smoothie Brother,Julia Child’s,LOL,Great Video Editing,& To Think Now
My Daughter Saw This Video B/4 Me,LOL ,Have You Tried Mio? I Love It Better
Then Crystal light,But Who Am I To Talk ,I’m A Diabetic.Mango Is My
Favorite 🙂

Lisa Kent says:

Great video! Luck with the van and congrats on the 2000 subscribers!! :)

ultimaetsolder says:

Great video I’m going to try to make this. Thanks. 

gary britt says:

Hi Marc, just subbed to your channel. Looks like you’re making great
progress toward your goals. I’m in a similar situation as yours. I live in
Kansas, just got an offer on my house. I’d like to get a class b like
Justin C but don’t think I’ll be able to afford one. I’m thinkin’ of going
the Don Carpenter route. Keep up the good work!!!

Jane Fulltimervrs says:

I also have a nutri bullet!!! I love my nutribullet as well. It is
awesome!!! I can’t wait for you to get your house sold and can get on the
road and able to put out new full time content.

Black Viper says:

Finally a healthy smoothie that isn’t green and looks actually edible. Haha
thanks for the video man, keep up the great work.

OnTheRoad says:

You can make your own Kefir, but you have to feed it milk and filter it
each drink. Kefir is a lumpy stuff that naturally grows in milk, like
goat’s milk. It will culture the milk it sits in. You need to buy the
bacteria or what ever it is, off someone that has it.

SuperTop5 says:

You got one badass house!

Karen Lincoln says:

get your raw honey from local area for health benefits,

Platinum Dragon Productions says:

I’ve wanted a NutriBullet for the longest time because of ease of use +
cleanup. I’m not sure if the inverter I’m going to get will handle it
though. Guess I’ll have to look at its peak wattage.

Wanderin' Moose says:

Good luck on the up coming potential sale of the Sprinter ! Love that
NutriBullet idea, I just might try it… WOW 2000 Subs !!! People
know a great channel when they view it !! I am glad I was an early

Roger Olivier says:

Hi Marc, thanks for the video, I just bought a smoothie maker here in
France, 29 euros.
I’ll give a try tomorrow morning ! 🙂 Post more videos please ! 🙂

Jam Few says:

What is the wattage on that Bullet? I ask because I have only a 400 watt
inverter and I believe blenders and such are upwards of 900 watts.

kartof1 says:

Your NutriBullet vs Julia Child Kitchen Knife: you win.

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