The Little Guy Trucker Show (Staying Strong On Your Diet)

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Richard Wyatt says:

I feel ya Matt I am doing the same thing but I started November 8th. And It
really sucks!

SouthBayRick says:

Do you have anything special planned on Thanksgiving day? Everyone
with food that day. If it’s possible to eat in a nice restaurant with your
family that day
it’s a win win situation. Nobody has to shop for a huge dinner, no
cooking, no dishes to wash, etc. The best part is you still have a nice
dinner and there won’t be left overs and temptation every where you look. 

nvincent1959 says:

Keep eating that kale and you’ll disappear. They’ll just find your sneakers
in the shitter stall. I’m cheering for ya Matt.

Taylor Ewing says:

Maybe try taking appetite suppressor pills to help. They really help me on
my diet

nornic12 says:

I feel your pain man, I too struggle with eating healthy and really prefer
burger as to greens, but stay with it!

Greg J. says:

You know you can eat anything you want just as long as it’s small portions.
I truly commend you Matt on your willpower. You are a better man and a
better dieter than I am, Buffet?? Damn that’s aweful that you got sent
there but you don’t have to be a vegetarian. Good luck with your diet

scott riney says:

Going crazy man you’ve done gone crazy along time ago but man keep up the
good work on the diet maybe a bit of advice don’t stop at truck stops stop
at a rest area less stuff to entice you to eat

trainerjames2013 says:

A 16 minute video. Damn!!!!!!! Using all my data bro. …..JK

The New York Critic says:

I agree on the accountability thing. That’s a major problem with society
today. No accountability, no integrity, no morals.

Greg J. says:

Oh yeah, I hope you didn’t hit Joey with those grapes?? Seems you were
aiming for his head. But those appetite suppressions really do work. Stay
strong and Stay Safe out there Matt 

tacbishop says:

Good luck on the diet but you’ll never do it what are you doing like you
are you can’t eat that much fruit on a diet

Donald Porter says:

I now how you feel proud of you man 

mark burst says:

Just remember if you get any bigger, you will have the DOT measure your
neck during your physical. Then if its too big, you will have to go get a
sleep apnea test. If you flunk that you will be using a c-pap breathing
machine when you sleep. You may also become a diabetic and have to take
pills or a shot. Your eye sight may get worse. You DOT card will only be
good for 1 year, so you get to jump these hoops EVERY YEAR! when you take
your DOT physical. STAY ON YOUR DIET!!!!! 

Johnathan Howard says:

I here you on the diet man its hard but just got to stick to it. I was just
in Albany.

TheLittleGuyTruckerShow says:
Mark Ratliff says:

Ryan’s is a good place to eat! The buffet is great! We have then in West
Virginia. Have a question? What do you and Trainer James use for internet
for your laptops?

tacbishop says:

Go to McDonalds get four Big Macs throw the buns away eat the lettuce
tomato and the meat you’ll be fine. You’re doing the diet exactly opposite
of what you should be doing go to Ryans and load up on steak protein
protein protein Lewis and Clark when they were Crossing America nearly
starve to death because they only had meat to eat they ate approximately 9
pounds of meat every day and we’re slowly losing everybody ounce of body
fat they had. the Indians had to save them by giving them fruit and

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