The Little Guy Trucker Show 16 Nov 2014 (Diet Update)

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The Little Guy Trucker Show 16 Nov 2014 (Diet Update)Ok so I took the opportunity to jump on the scales today at Budweiser and i had to go and get a new Nutribullet. Please Don’t Forget To SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT & …


RoseCottage Collectibles says:
born2flyau says:

Little Guy Trucker, What is that thing you are smoking? Do you have a make
and model please?

Necter Veha says:

vapes are a modern poison , ull see it is going to hurt u , its nanometals
, are going to collect in u …

RoseCottage Collectibles says:

Stop doing that vaper stuff. It’s bad. 

Mr44fatman says:

yo Joey !!!

pink floyd says:

had problems with mine too. ended up with a nutri ninja. works great

Greg J. says:

Way to go, you lost 9 lbs. Congrats!!!! So what flavor do you put into your
Patriot??? Any way, congrats again on you losing 9 lbs. and more to come.
Stay safe. Yeahhhh Mannnnn, sorry to borrow your Patented saying, but it’s

Richard Wyatt says:

Can’t really count that scale as accurate. Don’t want to burst your bubble!
Unless your running 3 miles a day and eating 1200 calories a day which is
starving mode for males…Here is what you do take your weight times 10 and
that will tell you how many calories you need to burn in a week. On a side
note you have to burn 3500 calories to lose 1 pound of fat!
You may lose 5 to 7 pounds your first week just because your eating foods
your body isn’t used too, but your second week may be only 1 to 2 pounds…

Steve Bocaranda says:

Nice show today my friend

Matt Chase says:

I heard from a fb site about the weight challenge, be of luck to you. I
subscribed and am on my own weight loss journey

Barclay T. Bennett says:

Yup Budweiser Scales

TheLittleGuyTruckerShow says:
Richard Wyatt says:

I cannot believe people spend that kind of money for those , I bought the
tear drop and does the same thing except doesn’t put off an odor like those

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