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THE JOURNEY: A WOMAN'S STRUGGLEIntroducing a new motivational series “The Journey” Stay tuned for more information. Please subscribe here Like us on Facebook


kanimizz says:

Thank you so much you have given me that push I needed an I have lost a
total of 5lb. I change my diet an I hit they gym 2 times a week because
this is all the time I have right now because of work and school. Please
more videos from you. Thank you and God bless

Wayne Ruddock says:

I hope this reaches a wide audience of viewers, especially people who
really want to get back in shape, but just don’t have the time due to
their busy schedules, work, family commitments, etc. You’re doing big
things, keep up the excellent work. 

apolanco602 says:

Dont ever doubt yourself i used to be 380 pounds my lowest was last year i
got down to 169 pounds took ten years dont ever give up

Deezo Mac says:

Famous words of Deion Sanders “You look good “You feel good “”You feel good
you play good ” Do you MA.

Love me naturally 87 says:
marsha montgomery says:

Yes I can relate to this and it’s very hard to keep it up but you have to
push yourself and you will reach your goal weight.I’m just getting back to
doing I have a long journey ahead of me.

Michael King says:

show, It’s a little hard to look like a teen at 30…..
U a grown ass women. size will change with age.
a boys frame even if he doesn’t workout will turn into a man’s larger
at 62 I am in better shape then I was when in my 20’s…..
I’ve had my ups & downs.
Whole foods are the key.Keep up the good work.
We are enjoying your journey….;)

olayinkas says:

Speak that!!!!!!

MsSassyMT says:

I’m no longer focused on the number on the scale. I just want to get down
to a size that I’m comfortable with when I look in the mirror. Besides, I
got back to my high school weight in my 30s and I felt I looked like a
bobble head so I won’t do that again.


NICKY!! we luv y’all can’t wait to see the series jump off we will be
tuning in 4 real and thanks for the motivation 

OneTallman says:

This was excellent………………..

TauroFitness says:

Meech!!! Stop playing homie release this shyt..ATTENTION!!!! EVERY
RACKBOYZFITNESS SUBSCRIBER…You are looking at the NEXT hottest series to
bust the fitness scene wide duh fuk open!! Bruh this is a GOD SEND!!Damn I
love you kid!!Nick you almost had me in tears!!!

NaturalUniique says:

Girl I feel ya! Thanks for keeping it real!

threedabs glenn says:


Michael Bobczynski says:

You look pretty amazing to me. (Don’t hate, Meech!) And yes, it takes real
effort to stay in shape (especially after we leave our 20’s behind us), but
body weight *alone* can be a pretty poor indicator of what one’s true
health/fitness level really is (as I’m sure your man will tell you) –
*don’t* get stuck chasing a number like that.

(And honestly? When y’all do your review videos in the kitchen? I wouldn’t
mind a *single bit* if HE was holding the camera while YOU stood out in
front of the lens – just sayin. =P )

Love me naturally 87 says:

thank you for sharing, I am on a weight loss journey as well.

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