The Dodgy Smootihe Challenge with Stephen!

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The Dodgy Smootihe Challenge with Stephen!Hey guys, Another video for you all. Trying to Vlog about things that matter to me these days, amongst some random ones! Hope you find it interesting, useful or if not at least appreciate…


The Graham Clan says:

hahah Luke “my face is shivering” this was hilarious guys well done!

TheEmmersonClan says:

Haha this was hilarious!!! Great video ☺️

Luke G says:

5 sweet, 5 disgusting Ingredients! 

jamie nichol says:

you should try the chicken nugget challenge 

Debbie Hill says:

Yaaaay – Just noticed you have gone over 100 Subs – Well done Luke –
Congrats xXx

Our Moore Story says:

Omg I don’t think I could do this

Debbie Hill says:

Yuk Yuk Yuk – hilarious I would have been the same as Stephen and gagging
at just the thought of some of those ingredients – well done to both of you
for the absence of vomit – great challenge xXx

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