The BEST Smoothies Ever?! | Nutri Bullet Review!

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The BEST Smoothies Ever?! | Nutri Bullet Review!I give you my honest opinion of the nutri-bullet! If you like this video please give it a cheeky thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! Optimum Nutrition – g…


Lottie Murphy says:

I got one for my birthday and don’t know what I did before one! Love it!
Fab video girly xx

AJ Odudu says:

What a good, honest review! Such good info.

Emily Cummings says:

I have a nutri ninja…cheaper version which does the trick! And yes
that’d be great if you could share your recipes as I just tend to make the
same ones over and over…mostly natural yoghurt, almond milk, banana and
spinach…very nice, but I need to mix it up a bit ha. Love your vids

Nichola Whitehead says:

Great review chick! I did a review on my tribest personal blender and love
it SO much!! Xx

Stina Egeberg says:

I have the Nutribullet too and I won it in a competition. I do love it, but
I don’t think it’s worth £100. I think £50 would be a fairer price for it,
but having said that it is a great handy tool

Tynky14 says:

I use my Nutribullet to make peanut butter as well. Just throw peanuts in a
cup and blend until it’s smooth. I really like it and it tastes much
healthier than those proccessed ones in a shop. :)

mel bowden says:

where is your top and necklace from? Looks lovely :)

Susanne says:

Post some recipes for sure!! Even people who don’t have this exact tool
could use it as inspiration 🙂 Personally, I’ve been juicing using my 20
years old (parents bought it to make me juices as a baby!) juicer… and
yes, it makes a lot of mess, but that’s what I need to deal with haha…
and I never made an actual smoothie with a blender or so #confession

j4y3m says:

Send me one for free, too, NutriBullet. It’s my birthday.

men4breakfast says:

I love my nutribullet and make a protein breakfast smoothie with it most
days. I’ve also made cashew cream with it with cashews soaked for three
hours. Blended it up more smoothly than my food processor. For a small
kitchen it’s a god send 🙂 

Emily Cummings says:

Also great for blending eggs to make nice thick omelettes too

Onna B says:

I’ve always wanted something like a Nutri Bullet, but I’ve heard a lot of
people on twitter say theirs has broken very early on/multiple times. Will
they replace it with a new one if that happens? I’d be well pissed off
spending £100 on a blender than broke. haha

Kat Horrocks says:

I have wanted one of these for so long, I love how compact it is perfect
for when I move out and live in an apartment the size of a box lol!
Love how many things you can use it for as well, great for baking and stuff
as well as smoothies 🙂 

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