Team NutriBullet: Why Michael Runs

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Team NutriBullet: Why Michael RunsMeet Michael, a member of Team NutriBullet. He was diagnosed in 2011 with type 2 diabetes and suffers from hearing loss. Michael says that, “Running gave me …


Erick Infantas says:

Good man, brave man!
“I may have a disease,
but the disease doesn’t have me.”
Thank you, Michael. 

Ethan Blomquist says:

He talks so well for a deaf person. That’s incredible too.

Ourania Parastatidis says:

I don’t usually like advertisements, but I was very happy to see this. He
speaks extremely well for a deaf person, very inspirational and strong
person he is. 

Jon Anderson says:

Good for you Michael!!!! Keep running man!!!!! You can overcome your
disease cause like you said “I may have a disease, but the disease doesn’t
have me”. You are truely inspirational and I pray that God uses you to
inspire many others!!!!

Ryan Mac says:

Excellent Video! Thank you for the inspiration!

Preet Kaur says:

Go Michael….

Orion Webster says:

KEEP GOING MICHAEL! You’re an inspiration!

Gogglewearingfreak says:

Keep running man! This made me smile and become inspired to keep doing what
I’m doing health and train wise.

. says:

I’m so proud of you Mister Michael. God bless you! God can heal you of
anything. Seek Jesus and he’s finish work.

Ian Tabor says:

powerful wow


I LOVE this, it almost made me cry when I first saw it. I hope you love it
too. Repost this if you love it.

Alejandro Limon says:

This man deserves an standing ovation! you are so inspirational! thank

MangoTango says:

Poor guy can’t even talk right. I hope he has a happy life.

cheshirekat says:

so much respect, i dont care about this product, keep it up !man !

brockway babe says:

I actually watch this one!!

Carolyn Truong says:

Inspiring! Love you my dear friend! #beatdiabetes

KingEMN says:

I don’t usually do this but I had to log in to like this video. Thank you

Sheila Patel says:

im never able to click skip ad when this ad comes up

Mooshie Extreme says:

I usually skip every single ad I see, eager to get to the video. This is
one of the few ads that I could not skip. This man is strong, and it is
defiantly gives out a very strong meaning. Amazing man. 

hipretty says:

God Bless!!!

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