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SOUP, SMOOTHIES AND STUFF [ Sara | MONDAY ]I started preping my food in advance. As I eat 75% of my food at work I portion my food into breakfast bags for my nutri bullet, lunch e.g. soup or salads et…


Kali theVegan says:

Dude those veggies look amazeballs

sunsetlover says:

Yea!!! She is back!!!!

oldskinny1 says:

Thank u!!! I liked the fruit bags you stuck in the freezer… Great idea!

Veniden says:

Mmm that looked good.

Laura Peterson says:

Oh my goodness, I love the pre-packing the smoothies idea, it feels like such an epiphany, lol 😀

Tim says:

Hi Priscilla. Just discovered your blog trgouhh twitter. Great job, we need more inspiration in the world so thank you for sharing your positive attitude and message. I got into raw food and juicing about a year ago and loved it so much that I started selling juicers on my own. If you ever need some tips or advice on juicing or juicers, don’t hesitate to write.Cheers,Marcus

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