Shopkins Official Brenda Blenda Commercial

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Shopkins Official Brenda Blenda CommercialWe interrupt your regular Shopkins Food Network program to bring you this special message. It can be tough for a Shopkin to make the right food choices for themselves and their family, but…


Kittykat 303 says:


Fatima Furtado says:

I love your Chanel and it would be awesome if you have time to watch some
new videos on my Chanel 

Koryn Fletcher F says:


2 Terrific Girls!! says:


Mai cupcake says:

Brenda blenda can a Pls have a juice yum

The singer Wolf says:

this was so cool and funny wish I could make videos like yours you r
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooolll

Kawaii Kunicorn says:
Vittorio Fabi says:

Haha that was so cool! Y’know that tomorrow is my birthday?

Elara Bartholomew says:

Love u!

GreerGirls says:

This was so cute! You are so creative!

Elsa's Surprise Eggs says:

Loooool Hilarious and so creative, I can see!! Loool Love it

Kidz Choice Toy Collector says:

wow I love your videos very entertaining and of course with the shopkins.
🙂 :)

Fatima Furtado says:

That is super cool

Vanessa Silva says:

Today is my birthday

CASEY PURR :3 says:

Awwhh!! Awesome!! Love this!

The Youtuberets says:

Kawaii please can you do me a special video for my birthday it’s the 18th
of May it would make me so happy xxxx

Fatima Furtado says:

That is the coolest video

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