Shay Carl Shows Off His Juicing Skills #CGB2013 | What’s Trending LIVE

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Shay Carl Shows Off His Juicing Skills #CGB2013 | What's Trending LIVEShay Carl shows Ethan and Shira his morning juice routine and explains how he lost over 100 lbs. Subscribe for more videos: Follow and …


Treza143 says:

Shay is Awesome! He can make anything entertaining! 🙂

What's Trending says:

Hey, wait… This guy isn’t a real doctor! Who’s running this show?!

itsbaxagain says:

Song at the end- Clyde Carson – Slow Down

LifeOfStacey says:

First comment

meganreaS says:

Hair is looking good shira !

PeaceSAAAN says:

Ethan looks alot like Kassem G with blonde hair

D Sciomni says:

wow, that was hilarious, Shay is a cartoon

TheLegendaryLinx says:

I miss fat shay

elehcim1234 says:

The song is called Gas Pedal

Deen iise says:

What is the song at the and from the live show?

7thvirgo says:

lmao…. shay is hilarious!

Malo Puepuemai says:

loving the energy guys, really makes this sigment about healthy suppliments
so much interesting i think. just subscribed to this channel and thus far
loving it keep up the good work guz.

Jesyka Anderson says:

Hahaha this is hysterical

Naeem Ahmad says:

More Shay, please…!!

Leah Infante says:

Watch the girl dancing -.-

Niala Crampton says:

Love you shayyy

Özlem Isci says:

Oh shay I love you

Nick Martins says:


kidbrown2010 says:

I wish I was as upbeat as Shay. He just seems to be so happy all the time.

MusicV8090Now says:

This is a good idea. The bottled juice drinks in the store are so
expensive now!!

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